Short Essay on Diwali Festival For Kids and Students

Diwali is considered as the festival of lights and it is widely celebrated by the Hindus all over India. During this festival, they light diyas at home and burst crackers. This festival is celebrated, in order to remember the return of Lord Rama from his exile and after killing the Bad King Ravanna, for abducting his wife. He returned home after 14 years and during this time people welcomed Lord Rama, by lighting diyas in their home.

People celebrate this occasion with great enthusiasm. However, Sikhs celebrate this day in remembrance with the release of their 6th Guru, Sri Hargobind Ji, from Gwalior Jail by Mughal Emperor Jahangir.

On this day, people clean their houses and discard the old things. They also light up their houses with diyas and decorate their house with many decorative items. They wear the purchased new clothes and perform puja on this day. After which they burst the crackers. Since this day falls on the new moon day, they burst crackers as a symbolization of getting rid of the darkness.

In addition to this, they also make sweets and distribute it to their neighbours, to spread happiness. This is also declared as a government holiday.