Importance of Diyas In Diwali Festivals, Types of Diwali Diyas

Diwali is one of the main festivals of India that is celebrated on the day of Amavasya (dark long night without the moon) in the month of Kartika. However, on the occasion of Diwali night, there is barely any kind of darkness nearby as the entire surroundings get ignited with loads of diyas.

A Diwali diya is a tiny lamp which is prepared from the clay material. People pour oil or ghee in it along with the cotton wool and when the wool gets completely immersed in the ghee it is lighted with a match stick. The oil which we put in the diya signifies the dust of a person’s mind like greediness, distrust, hate, desire, etc. which never gets decreased andon the other hand, the cotton wool is the representational symbol of the human’s atma or the personality or the inner soul.


Significance of Diwali Diyas

The celebration of Diwali festival signifies the win of good over sinful, truth over falseness and light over darkness. There are also two ancient stories related to this Diwali festival that is prevalent amongst the people. As per the one story, this festival is celebrated in order to enjoy the incident when Lord Rama had a fight with Ravana and defeated him by ending his supremacy of sinfulness. There is one more story according to which Lord Krishna slayed the demon Narakasura and thus established harmony and cheerfulness in the world. At this time when Lord Krishna and Lord Rama were welcomed into their fortresses by lots of ignited Diyas, this way of celebrations was to get famous as the Deepawali festival.

The diyas of Diwali symbolize the similar goodness and flair of an event. In the Hindu religion,the Diyas are considered as the representation of joy,knowledge, harmony, truth,wisdom, and wealth. There are many mythological stories which indicate diyas as the sign of illumination which works as inspirations leading to the transcendent path. Diyas also inspire every person to select the nonviolent way in life which leads to the tranquility of soul and mind.

Types of Diwali Diyas

These days the markets are jam-packed with numerous kinds of beautiful Diwali diyas. The diyas are decorated with the help of Acrylic paint of diverse colors which make them look more beautiful and attractive. Power-driven diyas are also available in the market which is quite popular nowadays.

The diyas of Diwali can also be embroidered with glass work as well as zari beautification. These decorated diyas are placed near the goddess Lakshmi and god Ganesh along with elegant designs of flowers.

The lightning of Diya is a normal practice in every single Hindu home. It is not necessary that you can light a diya only on Diwali festival but you can light them up daily in the morning and evening for the positivity and the blessings of god over your home. As per the Hindu beliefs, Diwali festival is incomplete without the diyas as this occasion is the event of lights and illumination.