Dhanteras 2017: Date, Puja Muhurat Time, Story & Celebration Ideas

One of the most celebrated festivals of India around Diwali is Dhanteras. It symbolizes the commencement of the 5 days elongated celebrations of Diwali in the entire India. “Dhanteras” word is comprised of two terms i.e. ‘dhan’ that refers to“wealth” and ‘teras’ that refers to the“13th”. This festival is celebrated on the 13thlunar day of the Krishna Paksha according to the Hindu calendar (in October or November).It also falls just 2 days in advance of the Diwali in which Indians oblate to be sanctified with wealth as well as good health. The festival of Dhanteras is also recognized as ‘Dhanvantari Trayodashi’ and ‘Dhantrayodashi’.

Date of Dhanteras 2017

In the year 2017, the Dhanteras will be celebrated on October 17 (i.e. Tuesday).

Dhanteras Puja Muhurta = 07:34 pm to 08:26 pm
Duration = 0 Hours 51 Mins
Pradosh Kaal = 05:55 to 08:26
Vrishabha Kaal = 07:34 to 09:32
Trayodashi date Starts = 00:26 on 17-Oct-2017
Trayodashi date Ends = 00:08 on 18-Oct-2017

Puja of Dhanteras

The festival of Dhanteras is done with the worship of the ‘ Goddess Lakshmi” during the evening’s time. People chant the religious tunes in order to admire the deity Lakshmi. In the homes or offices, they usually light up small diyas which remove all the wicked spirits. During the night time of Dhanteras, some folks light up their lamps for the whole long night. In fact, in few homes, the traditional sweets are also prepared for offering that to the goddess.


The celebration of Dhanteras is done differently in diverse regions of India. For the commercial public of the western India, this festival is quite important. For example, in Maharashtra state, people trail the ritual of flippantly beating the dehydrated coriander seeds along with the jiggery which is later offered as ‘Naivedya’. The farmers worship and decorate the cattle in some rural areas because for them they are their key source of revenue. In the southern region of India, people deliberate the cows as personifications of the deity Lakshmi, and therefore worship them in a specific manner.

Story behind the festival of Dhanteras

As per our ancient mythologies, the Dhanteras’s celebration is related to the tale of a son of the ruler Him a who was only 16 years old. Some of the predictions were made about him that he will die due to the snake bite on the 4th day of his wedding. After the 4 days of his wedding, his wife, being alert of the prediction placed out all her jewelry in consort with the gold and silver coins in a stack over the entry point of her spouse’s napping bed.She also brightens up the entire place with the help of lamps.

During the whole long night, she recited tales and hummed songs in order to make her husband busy so that he cannot fall asleep. At this time, it is said, that when God of death i.e. Yamraj entered the area (in form of a snake) become incapable of arriving in the prince’s compartment as he was dumbfounded and blinded by the brightness of the jewelry as well as lamps.Hence, he mounted the stack of coins and ornaments and hears to the harmonious tunes of the prince’s wife.

At the time of the morning, the Yamraj silently exited away after sparing the prince’s life. This is how that a new young wife protected her spouse from the catch of the death alone. Therefore, this day is also recognized with the name of ‘Yamadeepdaan’.

Celebration of Dhanteras

In India, the festival of Dhanteras is enjoyed with great eagerness and happiness. On this day, numerous Indians do the worship of God of death i.e. Lord Yama and the Goddess of wealth i.e. Maa Lakshmi for getting the good health and wealth in the form of blessings. On this day, people usually beautify their offices and houses.

Most of them make traditional and colorful rangolis for decorating the entrance of their places. This is the way to welcome the deity of prosperity and wealth inside our offices and homes. Small sizes of footsteps are also made out with the help of vermilion ash and rice flour for signifying the elongated-expected arrival of the Goddess Lakshmi.

Some people also purchase gold or silver coins and new utensils on the festival of Dhanteras. This has to turn out to be a quite famous ritual as it is said to deliberate the fortune and well-thought-out to fetch good luck for a person.